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Los Angeles County’s Best Choice for Debugging, Anti-Espionage, and Counter-Surveillance

Excell Investigations offers comprehensive debugging services in Los Angeles and Orange County. Our debugging service is highly effective at detecting and finding transmitting and non-transmitting cameras, wiretaps, GPS trackers, and phone recording and/or listening devices in homes, conference rooms, offices, department stores, cars, and other locations. With today's technology, these types of devices can be very small, well hidden, and virtually anywhere. For instance, cameras can be hidden under furniture or in picture frames, or disguised as a clock or smoke detector. These spying, surveillance, and eavesdropping devices have been used by spouses, law enforcement, governments, business associates, partners, employers, and coworkers seeking to gather evidence or intelligence; as well as criminals looking for incriminating camera footage or information for blackmail.

BSIS-Licensed Private Detectives Serving Long Beach, Pasadena, Cerritos, Paramount and Surrounding Areas

Whether you suspect corporate espionage at your business, or you have a hotel or department store and are concerned about hidden cameras in your bathrooms or changing rooms, you can call Excell Investigations for reliable debugging services at an affordable price. We use the most-advanced, wireless detecting equipment available today. This equipment is highly sensitive and can accurately detect wireless cameras, wiretaps, bugs, and more without causing electromagnetic interference or interfering with wiring. Our bug sweeping, anti-espionage, and counter-surveillance services are performed by our highly experienced investigators who are well trained, discreet, and licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

FREE In-Office and Phone Consultations for Bug Sweeping Services in Los Angeles

If you suspect that an individual or organization is spying on you, contact Excell Investigations today for a FREE confidential consultation. We're available 24/7, have thousands of satisfied clients, and provide customizable services. We have offices in Downey, Tustin, Orange, and Los Angeles, and serve all of Los Angeles and Orange County. We are licensed and insured, and abide by all relevant laws that regulate our industry.